Exercise & Kinesiology

Kinesiology and exercise science offer action-packed degree paths

Exercise and physical activity positively impact weight management, brain health, mental health, risk of diabetes and heart disease, and more. Indiana needs more leaders in physical activity advocacy and promotion across the lifespan of Hoosiers.

IU Indianapolis' kinesiology and exercise science programs offer you the opportunity to study humans in motion. Whether you’re pursuing a B.S., an M.S., or a Ph.D., your classroom education will be enhanced by hands-on learning experiences, research opportunities, internships, and more.

You’ll graduate prepared to have a positive community health impact while making a difference for individuals, one person at a time.

Graduate and Ph.D. exercise science and kinesiology programs

Graduate programs will empower you to help others to live better lives through physical activity. You’ll build your expertise and leadership skills, readying you for professional roles in life-changing research, movement, and wellness.

You may be interested in the campus IPREP program, which prepares recent college graduates from underrepresented minorities or disadvantaged populations for admission to graduate programs in biomedical and behavioral sciences. 

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