Kinesiology Internships

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The best learning environment takes place by being exposed to hands-on opportunities in the field. All exercise science and fitness management and personal training majors participate in internships through the department. Physical education teacher education majors will work through the School of Education for student teaching experience.

All you have to do to get started is to review the course requirements and confirm prerequisites with the help of your degree map at

Internship hours and duration

Discuss the schedule expectations when you interview. Find out what hours the site will require and consider if that will work for you.

A site may ask you to work a split shift (e.g., Tuesday–Saturday from 5:30–9 a.m. and 4:30–8 p.m. or 8 a.m.–3 p.m. weekdays plus every other Saturday). Consider if the schedule will work for you and discuss it with the site before you accept the position.

This depends on when your internship site needs and expects you to start. And, it depends on how flexible that site is in accommodating commitments in your schedule.

Ask about the potential start date when you interview at the site to find out the expected starting and ending dates. As far as the department is concerned, you may start as soon as the previous semester or summer session ends. We do not want anything to interfere with your present academic work and responsibility. Any exceptions to this timing must be cleared by the internship director.

The minimum requirement is 350 hours for those taking the KINE-P 393 for seven credit hours. Some host sites may have internships that last longer. You will need to decide if you are willing to accept an internship that is longer than required by your plan of study.

There are several ways to configure those 350 hours. It depends on what the host site needs or expects and what you and the site supervisor negotiate at the onset. Some sites have very fixed daily and weekly schedules, while others will accommodate your schedule to some extent.

Discuss the options before you accept an internship offer. The department does not care that you finish earlier than the time frame of a regular semester. The goal is to accomplish an internship in as much a full-time capacity as possible.

Even if the internship is not paid, it must consist of 350 hours for the seven credit hour internship course. We ask that you devote a majority of your time to the internship and work only a few additional hours a week at another job.

We advise students in the kinesiology department that an internship is a requirement. You should plan ahead so that the internship fits into your schedule and financial plan.

The department expects interns to follow the schedule of your internship site. Be sure to talk with your internship supervisor during your interview or the first week of your internship if you want to discuss options for holidays or days off.

Many sites provide this option. Inquire about opportunities during your initial interview or shortly thereafter. Jobs range from covering the front desk, working with personal training clients, or staffing special events.

Keep in mind that you need to be rested, sharp, and effective during your internship hours. Avoid working too many extra income producing hours that you compromise your internship performance.

Olivia Hersberger

With my Ascension internship, I have been given many amazing opportunities to see Phase 1 through Phase 3 cardiac rehab as well as stress testing and seeing the cath lab. It's been great to have hands-on experiences I can take with me to any work environment.

Olivia Hersberger, Kinesiology Intern

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