Postprofessional OTD

Earn a postprofessional doctorate in occupational therapy

Earning your postprofessional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) degree at Indiana University enables you to advance your career, increase your understanding of evidence-based practice and research, and incorporate what you learn into practice. 

The three-semester, online program is perfect for current practicing occupational therapists who wish to improve their clinical and research knowledge while continuing to work. You'll benefit from a robust curriculum focused on changes in the health-care field as well as teaching and enhancing skills in current and emerging areas of occupational therapy practice.

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Ronnesha Boone

I’m glad I chose the IU PPOTD program because its design not only fit my current lifestyle and created long-lasting relationships and professional connections but helped contribute to me being a lifelong learner!

Ronnesha Boone MOTR/L