Dual B.S. & M.S. Health Sciences

Double your success with a B.S. and M.S. dual degree

Jobs in health care grew more than 20 percent during the last decade, and it’s essential to find experts and leaders to fill industry roles. That’s why we developed an accelerated program—so you could earn both a bachelor's and a master's degree in health sciences in five years.

Over the course of this five-year, dual-degree program, you’ll go from learning the fundamentals of the clinical side of health care to conducting graduate-level research alongside faculty who will help to advance your knowledge, impact, and future career.

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B.S. in Health Sciences

Build an in-depth understanding of clinical health care and a strong foundation of the scientific, behavioral, and rehabilitative side of the industry. Your studies will provide a diverse health sciences background and give you an edge into your professional or research interests.

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M.S. in Health Sciences

This advanced health sciences degree will further your understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of health and rehabilitation sciences, research methods, and the skills and knowledge needed for you to critically assess and advance health care systems around the globe.

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Niki Munk

For research-oriented students, this option allows you to develop research skills while earning a master’s degree in just a single additional year. Students interested in research or who wish to strengthen applications for professional graduate programs are perfect candidates.

Niki Munk, Program Chair

Enjoy an ever-changing, transformational career

Careers in health care are incredibly diverse—from historically traditional health-care roles to new clinical professions that didn’t exist a decade ago.

As a student, you will shape your own career path and become an expert in your personal interest area. As you tailor your undergraduate coursework and hone in on your research interests, you’ll carve out your niche in the industry and forge your own professional path. Career options are varied, ranging from clinical specialists to researchers representing a variety of disciplines.