Course Permissions

Requirements before you get started

As an undergraduate student, before you can take the class you want, you may have additional steps to complete. If you haven’t fulfilled the prerequisites, don’t have the required class standing, or haven’t completed the course permission form, you may not be able to register for a class.

You can find the majority of class prerequisites with the help of your degree map at One.IU.

Check course prerequisites

Registration for some courses requires authorization before enrolling. If you wish to get permission to take a course within the school, check out the list below to find if you need to submit the school-specific or class-specific permission form. You may not be able to register for a course if you haven’t completed the prerequisites or submitted the appropriate permission form.

The following courses will require permission:

  • HLSC-H 495 Health Internship
  • HLSC-H 480 Independent Study in Health & Rehabilitation

The following courses will require permission:

  • KINE-P 199: Prior Learning Assessment in Kinesiology
  • KINE-P 420: Exercise Leadership and Program Design (if taking HPER-P 417 as a co-requisite)
  • KINE-P 393 Professional Practice Programs in Physical Education, Health, & Recreation
  • KINE-P 443 Internship in Exercise Science
  • KINE-R 100 Recreation Leadership Skills
  • KINE-R 275 Dynamics of Camp Leadership

The following courses will require permission:

  • TESM-S 432 Sports Management Consulting
  • TESM-C 387 Industry Internship
  • TESM-C 401 Industry Internship
  • TESM-C 402 Industry Internship
  • TESM-E 404 Event Production
  • TESM-G 302: Independent Study in Tourism
  • TESM-G 309: Cruise Line Management
  • TESM-H 218 Wines of the World
  • TESM-H 308 Western European Wines
  • TESM-H 318 Beer, Wine and Spirits Management
  • TESM-H 328 Beers of the World
  • TESM-H 385 Spirits of the World
  • TESM-H 408 Food and Wine Pairing
  • TESM-T 483: Ecotourism
  • Heilbronn University