Dual DPT & Ph.D.

Earn a Ph.D. alongside your DPT

As a DPT student, you have the opportunity to maximize your time on campus by also applying some of your course credits toward a Ph.D. in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. This exciting and cutting-edge dual degree was created for students with an interest in physical therapy research.

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Key advantages of pursuing a dual degree

Save money

The Ph.D. portion of the dual degree is fully funded with a stipend, health insurance, and project funds. Completing it alongside the DPT program saves you both time and money.

Form connections

  • Individual training with a rehabilitation scientist.
  • Mentorship with research and teaching faculty.
  • Opportunities for national and international presentations.

Gain hands-on experience

  • Integrated clinicals.
  • Dedicated clinic time available during Ph.D.
  • Develop teaching skills during your Ph.D. by being a laboratory assistant in your area of expertise.

Teaching and research assistantships

A limited number of teaching assistantships are available, and research assistantships are available depending on grant funding. Assistantships include a tuition waiver, health insurance, and stipend. Research assistantships are required for Ph.D. students.

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Ashley Troutman

My favorite thing about the IU DPT/Ph.D. program is the value placed upon all facets of being a faculty member in a DPT program. I am developing research, teaching skills, and knowledge, while also being able to practice clinically. These are important skills to enable my dream of becoming a research-focused faculty member in a DPT program.

Ashley Troutman, DPT/Ph.D. student