Student Research Opportunities

Advancing research with your help

Research options at the School of Health & Human Sciences prepare you to become a contributor to your chosen discipline. From exploring the benefit of beetroot juice on muscle strength to the impact of robotics and virtual reality in therapeutic applications—SHHS faculty and students are dedicated to exploration.

Studies range from small-scale discrete research questions to larger projects that involve investigators working collaboratively at multiple institutions. Undergraduate research programs start at the freshman level and are designed to connect students with faculty. As a graduate or professional student, you’ll have opportunities to assist faculty in developing their research agendas.

Regardless of your area or level of study, building a research portfolio will help you stand out when applying for advanced programs, scholarships, internships, and jobs.

Find what fits your needs

Research positions can involve working for a summer, semester, year, or more. Some programs offer payments, others offer degree credits.

Faculty often hire undergraduate and graduate students as research or graduate assistants. Financial support of stipends and tuition waivers may be available for graduate research assistantships, particularly in the areas of health and exercise sciences.

If you have a research idea, faculty can also help develop your question into an achievable, impactful study.