Service Learning Programs

This is where we find our community

At the School of Health & Human Sciences, we take community engagement to the next level. As a student here, you’ll be more than a bystander in the Indianapolis community, you’ll be encouraged to volunteer early and often. In your coursework, you’ll often find yourself learning in the community while simultaneously inspiring others to live well.

Volunteer opportunities are available for students at all degree levels. Inquire with faculty in your department for more information.

How you might apply your knowledge

Depending on your program, you can participate in service-learning initiatives that are win-wins for students and the community. You will benefit by gaining supervised real-world and resume-building experiences. Community programs are able to extend services and execute initiatives through additional volunteers. Community program clients and participants enjoy stronger experiences, better health care, and enhanced wellness.

Here’s just a small sample of ways you can make a difference.

Physician assistant studies partners with Gennesaret Free Clinics, empowering women to take control of their health through free services

Occupational therapy students conduct outreach services to children who are impacted by substance abuse through Camp Mariposa

Physical therapy students operate the MS Swim program, bringing therapeutic services to patients with multiple sclerosis

Through the Goodwin exercise program, physical therapy students provide healthy living options to older people living in subsidized housing

Physical education teacher education encourages a love of physical activity through a soccer program at Stout Field Elementary School

Tourism, event, and sport management students support event planning and execution for organizations like the National Association for Women Business Owners, SXSW, and Teachers’ Treasures

Tourism, event, and sport management helps staff social media command centers with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Beyond Monumental

Sport management students immerse themselves in sports organizations such as the Indiana Pacers, NCAA, Indianapolis Colts, and more