Physical Therapy

Work your passion through physical therapy

Welcome to Indiana University Indianapolis physical therapy, a people-centered program where students solidify life-long intentions and fulfill dreams of assisting others.

As a student here, you become part of a familial community, where classmates, teachers, clients, and clinical practitioners come together, helping us all to live better lives through movement. While here, you’ll do more than learn your craft. You will cultivate your life’s purpose and prepare yourself for a career that lets you work your passion.

You have two programs to choose from, depending on your career goals: the nationally ranked doctor of physical therapy (DPT) program or the dual doctor of physical therapy and Ph.D. in health and rehabilitation sciences (DPT/Ph.D.). Regardless of your choice, ambitious standards for success are the expectation.

The accredited DPT program demonstrates proven results: a near 100 percent graduation rate and a 97 percent ultimate pass rate on the PT licensure exam. For those who choose the DPT path, you’ll graduate fully prepared for the physical therapy board exam and ready to inspire others to live well through your profession.

The DPT/Ph.D. program expands your career options to include research and teaching. You can apply for this dual-degree option your first or second year of the DPT program. If you choose this path, you’ll be paired with a faculty researcher and can expect three to five additional years of study. When finished, you’ll be qualified to not only practice but conduct clinical research in the field or teach at the collegiate level.

All students will participate in a variety of inpatient and outpatient partnerships to advance your clinical skills and allow you to apply your knowledge in supervised settings. And, you will have the benefit of learning in all-new state-of-the-art new facilities from faculty who find satisfaction and success through watching you grow your skills, develop your practice, and succeed as a physical therapy practitioner—and an eventual professional peer.

400+community and clinical partners nearby

98.4%graduation rate of students in the past 3 years