Postprofessional DND

A doctorate designed to meet your nutrition and dietetics career goals

Indiana University’s postprofessional Doctorate in Nutrition and Dietetics (PPDND) leverages the power of an IU degree, backed by more than 50 years of graduate education.

One of the first postprofessional doctoral-level degrees specifically designed for registered dietitians/registered dietitian nutritionists, the PPDND will advance your education in nutrition and dietetics and prepare you to be an autonomous professional and valued member of a collaborative health care team.

This program provides a path for registered dietitians to advance their academic training in the field of nutrition and dietetics through a combination of traditional classroom and online courses.

With the flexibility to study full- or part-time in Indianapolis, you will be in the heart of the state’s leading care facilities. You’ll benefit from:

  • Strong scientific foundation allowing you to meet the challenges of a rapidly developing and changing profession
  • Electives to customize your degree to fit your professional goals
  • Advanced medical nutrition therapy across the lifecycle
  • Enhanced education and practice in food systems, foodservice, and management
  • Inter-professional coursework and leadership training
  • Faculty-approved, self-selected translational research project

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Joanne Whelan

The postprofessional Doctorate in Nutrition and Dietetics is an excellent way for current registered dietitians to expand their knowledge in adult and pediatric nutrition, as well as learn critical information that will enhance their process-improvement research skills and impact clinical outcomes in all areas.

JoAnne Whelan, Ph.D., RDN, LD

11%Projected growth in the field from 2018-2028

$28,500Approximate annual salary differentiation over bachelor’s or master’s prepared RNDS*

50+Years of graduate education for registered dietitians