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Let’s talk about return on investment and affordability.

Here, your IU Indianapolis student has the potential to blend academic coursework with industry work. Leveraging the campus location in the state capitol, your student can work and learn while attending school, growing their experiences and building their resumes while experiencing college life.

From internships to volunteerism, your student can immerse themselves into the community and take advantage of connections faculty facilitate on behalf of students. These resume- and network-building experiences are designed to give your student a career advantage upon graduation. 

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What will my student do with a degree from SHHS?

Health care, education, fitness centers, sports, hospitality, and event planning—those are where most of our students land, depending on their study plan and interests. You know your student and their interests. Explore our programs to evaluate their potential fit. Some are undergraduate degrees, some are degrees where students may earn a bachelor’s and master’s, and some are graduate and professional paths.

Housing & college life

At IU Indianapolis, your student can choose to live on campus, live independently in nearby apartments, or commute from home, depending on their budget or lifestyle needs. They also can create the college life they are looking for. Whether it’s clubs or activities, research, working in the industry or on campus, or taking coursework while they work, the choices related to investment become your family’s and theirs. If they plan to live nearby or on campus, here's a place to help start your research.

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Faculty accessibility

Speaking of faculty, one of the SHHS hallmarks is faculty accessibility. Here, accessibility is more than a buzzword; it's a promise. Your student isn't lost in the crowd; they are recognized by name by faculty who care about their individual success. Students receive attention similar to a private school, but at a public-school price. And, all students are welcome. 

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Caring campus community

Beyond caring faculty, it starts with good advising. Your student can find advising staff in the office five days a week, ready to assist. If a virtual visit is their preference, those also are available.

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SHHS also has its own health & wellness coordinator who can direct your student to on-campus resources. Campus counseling and medical services also are available as needs arrive. As a bonus, tuition is banded at IU Indianapolis, meaning your student can likely add on some physical activity courses to help them mitigate stress, make friends, and stay healthy—already included in tuition. Courses are offered for every fitness level and include meditation and yoga. Search HPER-E 100 for course ideas to share with your student. 

Finding a place where we belong is important to every individual, including your student. IU Indianapolis offers student-led multi-cultural organizations, adaptive services, the LGBTQ+ center, recreational sports, greek life, student government, campus volunteer options, and more. Connections plus services plus engagement will help keep your student at a place where they can live well and thrive. 

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If your student is ready to apply, this guide can help them through the process. 

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