Cost & Financial Aid

Additional fees (estimated)
IU Indianapolis feesCost (estimated)
Interprofessional education fee (one-time fee)$150
Graduate application fee$70
Student annual parking permit$377
International student visa processing fee (if applicable)$157
Student annual health premium (if applicable)$3,533
Other costs
ItemCost (estimated)
Background check (mandatory)$50
APTA annual membership (mandatory)$80
IN APTA annual membership (mandatory)$20
Textbooks per semester (required texts)Estimated $1,000
Clinical practice site transportation and gasEstimated $3,000
Crimson card ID (mandatory)No cost (replacement card $25)
Malpractice insuranceProvided by Indiana University
The Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Indiana University is accredited by the
Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). CAPTE is not an accreditation organization for post-professional degrees, including the Ph.D. Therefore, the Ph.D. portion of the dual degree DPT/Ph.D. is not subject to or accredited by CAPTE.

The Ph.D. in health and rehabilitative science portion of the dual-degree is fully funded with a stipend, health insurance, and project funds.

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