Student Teaching

Physical education teacher education student teaching experience

How it works

Student teaching is a full-time, final semester experience. It is the last class teacher education students take prior to graduation. It will help you understand what level of classroom you prefer to teach. It also gives you an opportunity to practice your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Often, the experience results in a full-time job offer.

As a student teacher, you will will be assigned to an elementary-level eight-week rotation, followed by a middle, junior, or high school eight-week term. The first few days of each, you will observe the teaching mentor. Next, you will have time to practice as a co-teacher. Soon after, you will teach as the lead. You will follow the school’s calendar where you are placed, not IU Indianapolis. You also may have opportunities for coaching or before-and-after-school activities.

Where you will teach

The most common sites are Indianapolis Public Schools and the surrounding Indianapolis township school corporations. Thanks to early planning and partnership with the program chair, some students have completed student teaching beyond Indiana’s borders.

Site selection is through the IU Indianapolis School of Education. When it’s your time for student teaching, you will complete an application process that helps determine your placement. Faculty will guide you through the process.

What you will learn

Takeaways from this experience include classroom management, instructional design, teaching strategies, adaptive instruction, and more. Throughout the semester, you’ll become adept at assessing student learning, providing feedback, and utilizing active-learning techniques. You’ll also begin to develop your own teaching style and philosophy.

Program results

You’ll find yourself ready for career success after completing this ultimate step in your undergraduate journey. Physical education teachers from our program experience a high rate of employment and job satisfaction, a testament to the work you will put in—along with SHHS faculty—to get you through the student teaching semester and celebrate your graduation.