Doctor of Physical Therapy FAQ


Yes. We offer individual tours of the physical therapy facilities. Contact to arrange a building tour.

We enroll 44 new students per year.

Students begin in the summer term. Typically, the first day is the second or third Monday in May.

The DPT program is 36 months. Students begin in May and graduate three years later in May.

Yes, many of our current students have part-time jobs either on- or off-campus.

Yes, faculty employ student research assistants.


No. The DPT admissions committee does not give preference to any applicant type.

The admissions committee accepts an undergraduate degree in any major from a regionally accredited institution. Completion of the prerequisite courses is also required. The most common undergraduate majors are exercise science, athletic training, and kinesiology.

Applicants are not eligible to apply if they do not meet our minimum requirements, which include a 3.2 cumulative GPA and a 3.2 math and science prerequisite GPA. We do give special consideration to the last 60 credit hours. All college coursework is factored into the cumulative GPA.

Applicants are extended an offer of admission based on a holistic review process. To be competitive in a holistic review share your experiences (educational background, community engagement, and life, leadership, research, & healthcare experiences). Be prepared to discuss your attributes (resiliency, leadership, professional drive, integrity, and intellectual curiosity). Applicants must meet our academic metrics including a 3.2 cumulative and math/science prerequisite GPA at a minimum. The last 60 undergraduate credit hours are reviewed.

Admission interviews are held on the first Friday of December.

The number of students invited to interview changes each cycle. The interview will include one applicant and two interviewers.

Yes, you can reapply the next cycle. We offer one application cycle per year.

Prerequisite coursework

Yes. The DPT admissions committee accepts coursework from any regionally accredited institution.

No. The IU DPT prerequisite courses do not have an expiration date.

Yes. Online courses and labs are being accepted for prerequisite requirements.

Yes. Students can retake up to 15 credit hours of prerequisite coursework. The higher grade will be used to compute the prerequisite GPA, but all grades will be used to calculate the cumulative GPA.

As an applicant, you can only have one outstanding prerequisite at the time you submit your application. A prerequisite course is considered outstanding if it is incomplete and ungraded. The outstanding prerequisite can be completed in either the fall or spring semester. It will need to be completed by the time the program begins in May.

No. Transfer credit is not accepted. As a potential student, you should be aware that all courses in the program curriculum are required. There is not an option for the curriculum to be accelerated.

Financial aid and tuition

At this time, we also have an admission-based scholarship for incoming students. The recipient and dollar amount are determined by the admissions committee and awarded to an incoming student. There is no application for this scholarship. For students looking for financial aid, we encourage you to fill out the FAFSA. Most students utilize federal student loans.

Review school scholarships

No graduate assistantships are available for the IU DPT program.